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Eurostarling is a virtual airline which uses flight simulation to model the operations of a fictional airline group with no reference to any real existing company. Any matches are purely random nature. We support the following flight simulators: Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane and Prepar3D. Our ambitious goal is to simulate the operation and process of an airline as realistic as  possible.

The communication and management with our pilots takes place via our own ACARS Software, which you can download in the Pilot Center after your login / registration. This software, sends all relevant flight data live to our FlightOPS and builds the heart of our organisation.

Eurostarling is part of the virtual starling group which simulates an international network carrier with seperate airline-, charter-, cargo and executive divisions with its headquarter in Berlin, Germany. Our entire fleet contains more than 100 aircrafts with various planes of the type Airbus 319 / 320 / 321, Boeing 737 / 744 / 777 / 787, Bombardier Dashh8 Q400 and CRJ  700 / 900 and transports more than 30 Million passengers to over 95  destinations per year.

Virtual Starling Airlines

The Virtual Starling Airline Group is a network of several independent airlines with various hubs and locations across the entire world.

eurostarling ESG

eurostarling was founded in June 2015 and is an european network carrier with connections to all major european airports and various international destinations in Asia, Africa and the United States of America with its main hub in  Berlin.

The bases are located in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and Vienna.

asiastarling ASG

asiastarling is an asian virtual airline with its headquarter in Singapore WSSS. The airline was established in April 2019 and is an asian network carrier within the Virtual Starling Airline Group. 

The hub also serves multiple asian-pacific destinations. Our Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 fleet is located and maintained at the Singapore airport.

balejet BHP

balejet is a swiss virtual airline which was aquired in January 2017 and is based at Zurich Airport, Switzerland. The airline was originally founded 1978 in Basel and its name is a reference to the French name of Basel.

Within the Virtual Starling Airline Group the airline operates individually with hub connections and selected destinations from Basel LFSB, Geneva LSGG and Zurich LSZH.

regiostarling RSG

regiostarling is a regional carrier which is located in Ireland, Dublin and serves multiple regional destinations from various european cities.

The bases are located  in Berlin, Dublin, Munich and Vienna. Its fleet contains 24 aircraft of the type Bombardier CRJ 700 / 900, Dash 8-Q400 and Saab 340.